Welcome Rusty!

On the August 30, we added a new horse to the Kreeky Tree Farm family. Rusty came to us via White Briar Farm in Kutztown PA. I used to board my first horse there and know the owner and a friend who works with the horses there. He turned me on to Rusty who is amazingly gentle and a great ride. Even tempered, only 13 years old and in solid health. He is now on our farm and I am riding him almost daily. He's a real gem!!!

Barn install complete!

We still have to hook up power, and the septic, but the building is in place and looks amazing! We have all winter to fix up the interior. Hopefully by Spring (maybe earlier) we can get certified and start real farm production!! 

Coming together!

Very exciting to see months and lifetime of planning come to fruition. This will only be the facade, what we have to do on the inside is the big ticket. more to come. 

Hot August

It's as sticky and humid as coal mine, but life on the farm goes on. Yesterday we said goodbye to our French import, Guy Rosenthal. He came here for a month and helped us out on the farm. The work he did was above and beyond what we expected and now, we are going to have to figure out how to deal without the extra help. I guess its time to look for our first employee.....

Guy, me and Allan

Guy, me and Allan

one funky tomato

one funky tomato

Pickles for sale!

Hi All, just cooked up a fresh batch of refrigerator dill pickles. They will be ready by July 23. Anyone wanting a jar, contact the farm! Homegrown organic cucumbers and organic dill make these truly special!

Farewell to Olin

(Posted originally June 29)

Dear friends, today we must bid farewell to Olin. The past few weeks his hoof treatment has taken a turn for the worse. His mobility has deteriorated and a horse with a bad leg is not a complete horse. It's with great sadness and pain in my heart that he has to pass onto the heavens. I will be with him up until the end. Wishing him a land of lush fields, sunshine and 4 sturdy limbs. He will leave behind a huge hole in our lives but his memory will endure forever.

Summer is here!

Now that it is officially summer in our neck of the woods, the gardens are blooming, the vegetables and growing and the animals are giving us plenty of eggs and milk!

A long pause

Sorry for the lapse in time from my previous post. It's been a very busy time of year and with Maude's passing, the two kids of hers have to be bottle fed, often! But on the bright side, we acquired a new 2 year old doe who had just stopped weening her only buck. Her name is Magpie, Maggie for short. Its taken her a while to get used to the farm, the other goats, and us. But she seems to be settling in. And has become a new source of milk. So welcome Maggie! 

Goodbye Dear Maude

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this today. Our Maude passed away this morning. From what, we have still to learn from the vet. She declined rapidly from OK on Thursday to listless and malnurished on Saturday. She leaves behind her beautiful kids Pippa and Puck who we will raise and bottle feed. Cherish them eternally and they will always be a reminder of our lovely lady.