In the heart of farm country at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Kreeky Tree Farm celebrates the beauty and bounty of small farm values and flavors. Established in 2014 after years of living out west, we built our farm slowly, first with organic vegetables and flowers, then chickens for egg production which led to trying out varieties of meat birds (including Red Runners and Guinea Hens) and eventually to hatching eggs from our own flock. In the Spring of ‘14 we added Olin, our 18-year old rescued Belgian Draft horse to the farm along with a pregnant donkey, Pearl and two goats, Maude & Millie. Spring of 2016 will bring us our first baby goats and we will start working on goat milk products, including raw milk, cheese and caramels.  

Our values are hard work and great taste: We work with the land and never use synthetic chemicals. In true permaculture fashion, the manure from the animals provides an abundance of compost for the vegetable gardens and fruit trees. We believe that true sustainable farming creates flavors you will cherish. 

As we build our farm and nurture our flock, we will also grow our company;  Kreeky Tree plans to produce canned and baked goods as well as real Farm-to-Table private dinners and cooking classes.


The Owners


Allan Schanbacher, learned to cook and can food from his grandmother as a child growing up in rural Oklahoma. Falling in love with the the concept of simple fresh ingredients make amazing food, Allan trained at The French Culinary Institute in New York City. He went on to learn the fine art of food preparation working in famed kitchens, such as Madeline’s, Sarabeth at The Whitney and Zabar’s Across the Street and alongside noted farm-to-table foodies such as Alice Waters, Eli Zabar and Sarabeth Levine. He launched Wood Flame Burgers restaurant in Goodyear, Arizona that was noted for its classic burgers all prepared by hand. Returning to farming brings Allan full circle back to his childhood.

Chris Gangi has been devoted to the art, taste and style of great food and fine living since growing up in North New Jersey in a family that willingly let him experiment with art and gardening. He was encouraged as a young man to always do things with passion and dedication. Chris also learned to cook along side his Italian grandmother, making sure recipes from the Old World survived into the future. As an Art Director and Creative Director, Chris has been in the creative drivers seat for numerous national and regional publications including Conde Nast Traveler, Garden Design, Organic Gardening, Organic Style, Organic Life and Phoenix Home & Garden and has worked with some of the best know artists in the field, Annie Leibovitz, Helmut Newton and Gentl & Heyers. While working at the gardening publications, Chris learned to appreciate the importance and profound beauty of gardening in harmony with nature.